The last years we have been confronted with a new reality that is the massive arrival of refugees and immigrants through the Aegean sea to our countries seeking a better way of life for them and their children.

Since turning focus on humanity is the first step towards solving the refugee crisis, it is vital for teachers to remember their role as educators in general, as reformers of characters, as promoters of values and human rights, as open minded people who have to inculcate in their pupils the respect for other cultures, a positive attitude towards people of other religions, countries and with different life style.

This program will be built on Active - Experiential Learning and the Cooperative learner-cantered teaching model oriented. Applying Pedagogical techniques such as: brainstorming activities, group discussion, visual / artistic expression and creation simulation, role-play, drama, narrative reconstruction and many more will be applied in classes aiming at raising the sense of belonging to the wider open to everybody community.

Through this program we seek to approach the issue of the refugee crisis through an anthropocentric perspective, taking into account at the same time the specific characteristics of the sensitive and vulnerable social group of children. Information, discussion, critical examination of things and the awareness of students can become the basis for the removal of prejudice, impose respect towards all human beings, reform attitudes towards cultural diversity and strengthen social harmony. Given the international historical literature the issue of movement of populations and refugees is a timeless and universal phenomenon, but with differentiations in the socio political, economic and cultural conditions that produce it. For this reason, we can say that it is a multi factorial phenomenon with timeless and universal implications and it can become the milestone for the understanding of new social reality providing important educational recovery capabilities. The basic elements of the program will be retrospection of the mobility of people as a timeless and universal phenomenon, cultural diversity, what it is and how it affects people's coexistence, exploration of identities diversity.