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2021 ELT Excellence Awards

The moodle platform which I used to teach the book "The boy at the back of the class" to my sixth graders was evaluated and awarded with a 2021 ELT Excellence Award by this year's judging committee. It was a long and difficult process as the number of entries surpassed not only last year's number but also our expectations.

Climate change is here-let's do something to prevent it

The 6th graders were involved in a school competition called "Bravo schools" which deals with the Sustainable Development Goals.
Our intention was to make pour students' sensitive towards environmental issues and help them get informed and change the way they confront these matters.
We worked with my colleague Mrs Tsirikidou during the lockdown period while at home and we created a lesson plan in Greek and English which we applied and the results were really rewarding.
Among 342 schools our work was distinguished as an excellent one.

Our school building

As you already know we had to move last year and now our school is situates in an old building in the city centre of Thessaloniki.
In order to help you get an idea how our school looks like since you cannot visit we have prepared a short presentation about the building.

The Boy at the Back of the Class

My students work in the MOODLE platform , read the chapters of the book and fill in the worksheets after having a conversation in class on a number of cultural and social issues coming up from the book.
Now that we have reached Chapter 10 they made groups and prepared presentations of the chapters. ENJOY !!!