Aim and objectives

By this project our intention is

1. To develop a sense of belonging to the European multicultural community for children from the kindergarten where people share common values

2. Accustoming the children to social and civil skills, attitudes and relationships via various art forms, combined in each of the European partners’ non-traditional holidays and festivities.

Moreover, we will raise awareness on social inclusion and how this can be achieved through
educators who should be the role models for their students. In modern pedagogy the basic idea that the competence of a child in the European area is built in the early years of their lives is established in terms of educational institutions, starting from kindergarten.

We are aiming at the design of an educational model that is oriented to control the pan-European key competences, break stereotypes in learning process, promote development of new technologies and use ICT to acquire and enhance digital skills.

The content of the project aims to enlighten the contribution of each cultural team to our European civilization , regardless of their academic level, economical/social background to actively contribute in all stages (preparation, implementation, evaluation, dissemination and specially follow-up).The planned activities develop student’s entrepreneurial skills (self-confidence, tolerance, innovation, adaptability, risk management and responsibility).

The professional development of teachers is to be achieved by sharing strategies, resources and good practices and presenting these via learning resources, thus increasing professional effectiveness, exposure to innovative teaching activities (e.g. CLIL,). The main beneficiaries of improving our teaching expertise are intended to be the students. We intend to facilitate the understating of ICT tools benefits, for both teachers and pupils, ways we can all improve and develop skills and competences, starting from the basic and trying to achieve creativity and innovation. Ourintention is to expose the students to different sources and material relevant to our topic and provoke their reactions in order to mobilize their emotional intelligence.