School activities Erasmus Project- Change your life open your mind

TYPE: Erasmus Plus First Mobility in Erice-Sicily
Description: Pagoto School hosted the meeting among Erasmus partners, (First Mobility) in Erice (TP)- Italy: “Change your life-Open your mind”(see video on u-tube and e-Twinning platform- Erasmus Plus project). The partners of project visited the school, took part to some labs, such as the Art and cooking labs where the students had prepared some works of art and typical Sicilian pastries, guided by their teachers. They also saw different performances carried on by the students of the Primary and Secondary school, included a music performance, by the orchestra of the Secondary School students. They could also taste some typical Sicilian food, offered by various Sicilian firms, sharing it with the Secondary School students during a school day. The partners could also enjoy some guided tours in some interesting historical sites in the territory, such as Erice (with some students and teachers), Marsala, and the Trapani city centre. Then, the last day, the partners were given some souvenirs, a certificate of attendance and were introduced to the students’families by some of the teachers collaborating to Erasmus, the Mayor’s representative and the E-twinning Platform Representative in the territory.
The partners also discussed about their future activities: the elaboration of a Logo for each country, exchanging Christmas cards among students of the different countries, setting E-twinning accounts for teachers and students on the platform, activities for the Human Rights Children’s Day, Human rights in general and other subjects. A task was given to each partner to be carried on during the next months. They have also planned the next mobility in Ireland at the end of May.
Start-End: 24th October 2018-29th October 2018
Type: Creation of the logo for the project
Description: Some students from Secondary school elaborated the School Logo with the art teachers, later it was sent to the partners responsible for collecting it.
Start-End: 3rd November 15th November
Type: Christmas cards to all the partners
Description: In November- December, The class 1C wrote the Christmas cards with letters, where in groups the introduced themselves, and later received some cards from the other countries. (Images enclosed and on the E-Twinning platform).
Start-End: 20th November-10th December 2018
Type: E-twinning platform and accounts
Description: In February 2019, some videos and images were included the E-Twinning Platform, and some students of the 2 C were given an E-twinning account to allow them to have future contacts with the other foreign students.

Type: Video about Trapani
Description: Some students of the class 2 D (who had previously been selected to go to Ireland for the second mobility), created a video about Trapani and its surroundings, inviting tourists to come. Later the video will be put on the E-twinning platform.
Start- End: 1st April-15th April 2019

Type: creation of gifts to be taken to Ireland for the 2nd mobility
Description: the students of the Secondary Schools created some gifts in ceramics, guided by their art teacher, to be taken to Ireland as a gift for the partners.
Start-End: 1st may-20th May 2019

Type: Second mobility in Galway-Ireland
Description: the principal and two teacher, together with three students, took part to the second mobility in Ireland with the other partners. They visited the University and were welcomed by the mayor and some teachers. Then they went to Shantalla Scoil Bhride School where they could share their experiences and plan the future activities. The Irish teachers showed their collegues their classes and activities. The students were in separate classes where they participated to some lessons. The participants had also the occasion to visit the town and its surroundings.
Start-end: 28th May-31st May 2019

Type: Creation of Pagoto Magazine
Description: The on-line magazine created (as it had been decided in the first mobility in Sicily) is about the activities carried out during this school year, by the classes led by their teachers and the Erasmus activities and mobilities.
Start-End: 3rd June-5th June 2019

October 2019 – creation of gifts to be taken to Portugal for the third mobility.
Before leaving for the third mobility, the students of Secondary School prepared some gifts to give to foreign partners. With the help of the Art teacher, they painted some dark brown heads, as a symbol of Sicily, using watercolors. They also wrote in English the famous legend of the Moorish head and enclosed printed copies of each souvenir.

Erasmus + third mobility Lisbon – Portugal 4th november – 8th november 2019
The principal, two teachers and three students went to Lisbon , Portugal, for the third mobility where they met their foreign partners. They were welcomed by the students and teachers of the Astoria International School and enjoyed the welcome ceremony on 5th november. Then they visited the school, heard about their educational system and pedagogical project and they shared their own teaching experiences; they also took part to a Project Meeting where they discussed about their future activities related to the project and planned the last mobility in Greece at the end of May 2020.
They also visited places and had trips to the most interesting sites, such as Obidos, Sintra, Cabo da Roca, Fatima, Belem, and appreciated Portuguese traditional food at local restaurants.
Before leaving Lisbon they got a certificate of attendance together with some souvenirs from all the partners.

20th November 2019 – Children’s Rights Day
On 20th November, the pupils of the Infant and Primary School celebrated the “Children’s Human Rights Day” working on special worksheets, singing songs, making billboards and drawings, learning nursery rhymes and poems;
Students of Secondary school read passages about the universal commitment for the protection of the sacred and inviolable rights of children. They also watched films on the subject and produced personal

February - March 2020 – The book “The boy at the back of the class”.
As established by the partners of the project by mutual agreement, the students of the secondary school (2D, 2C,3D classes) read the book “The boy at the back of the class” in digital format, they translated the most difficult words and expressions, they discussed with the teacher’s help the situation of refugees by analyzing their living conditions before and after running away from their homeland,
Finally the pupils wrote and collected a number of letters and made drawings dedicated to the refugee kid Ahmet, the protagonist.