Greek School

1st Experimental Primary School of Thessaloniki

Our school has 27 teachers and 278 students. The age range of our students is 6-11 since in Greece primary education lasts 6 years. All teachers are highly equipped and are continuously working for their professional development. We provide a curriculum which is strong in languages. The school is an important community hub in a challenging area. It is one of the few Experimental schools in Greece, also linked to the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It is known not just for the quality of its teaching, but for its commitment to inclusion and its belief in the importance of being a happy, healthy place for all who work and study there. The teachers both educate others and keep educating themselves and they are more than willing to be involved in new projects. We also collaborate with the British Council, the Fulbright foundation, as well as a number of educational institutions and museums. Our school promotes multilingualism and intercultural understanding through eTwinning projects and connects with other schools throughout Europe some of which many of our students have already visited (Rome, Munich, Milan) in the last 7 years. We do not host refugees yet but we have students from a number of different European countries and we are located in an area where a lot of refugees have settled and a lot of schools host their children. Our motivation to join the project has to do with our belief that the school needs to develop cultural awareness and open mindedness, expose students to different cultures, enhance their self-confidence further, have fun and through funding give the chance to students and teachers to travel abroad, improve and gain language skill and valuable knowledge. People involved in this project have been trained in relevant seminars, have presented their work in conferences, have educated other teachers on issues relevant to their expertise and have MAs on teaching. We focus on the wider world to enhance the development of our pupils and our teachers and give them opportunities to get to know other European countries and school systems. We have been active in projects realized on human rights realization (British Council- Respect diversity), promoting UNESCO goals (UNESCO ASPnet), we are running projects against bullying, diversity, solidarity as well as a variety of other sport, health, environmental and cultural projects (eTwinning projects, Teachers4Europe, Comenius,Erasmus+ on nutrition and health). Moreover, we expand pupils’ horizons, raise their aspirations (Dictation, Maths, Physics, ICT competitions) and boost their life skills (British Council Life skills) through short or long-term projects each teacher runs in his/her class. We have the necessary experience on how to educate both the student community and society on a variety of issues and subjects. In the case of parting from their current posts the teachers involved will be replaced by other willing teachers chosen by the main teachers' council.

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