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Our school consists of 232 children and 28 staff including Class Teachers, Specialised Teachers including Resource Teachers, Learning Support Teachers, 10 Special Educational Needs Assistants. Our school is situated in the city of Galway. We are a main stream Primary School catering for children from preschool (age 4) through to sixth class (age 12) There are many initiatives run in our school to help the students and parents including an early intervention literacy program, early intervention numeracy program, home school liaison officer, resource teaching, SEN teaching, After school Homework Clubs, Parents Room/Officer and a free school meals program for all students. Our schools works with several agencies to promote school attendance and combat early school leaving in our pupils as they progress to secondary school level. We have forged strong links with the National University of Ireland NUIG through our University For You Program. This was designed to create stronger links between members of the disadvantage community and the National University. It provides an opportunity for both parents and children to visit and experience college life. There is also an Access Program designed for early school leavers who wish to return to college. Each year the school will perform a musical that is staged in the local theatre for both parents and children in the school to attend. A Home-School-Community Liaison co-coordinator is assigned to a school in a disadvantaged area. The School has also had national and international success in its promotion of the arts through the various movies that it is developed. We found this is an excellent way and in engaging and challenging the students as they explore fairies topics that are important to them in their lives today.In terms of literacy in the school the school has developed its own Literacy scheme which has helped raise the standards of literacy within the school in the national assessments. It has become a training centre to teach and other schools have sent members of their staff in order to see what the school is doing in the promotion of literacy and in our early intervention policies. The school also has four trained reading recovery teachers. This initiative, from New Zealand, has been proven to be very successful in the promotion of literacy Our ambition is to have afully interactive website that allows all our school community, both past and present, to interact with us on an ongoing basis. Friendship and happiness that exists in our school are qualities and traits that we foster and engender within our pupils. We hope that the site will reflect this spirit and give a avour of the lovely atmosphere that exists in Scoil Bhríde.The scheme co-coordinator in our school is Anne McGrath. She is available to discuss, on a personal level, matters of concern with parents in their own homes or at school, whichever the parent prefers

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