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19 Mayıs Primary School is a public body in Toroslar, Mersin Province, Turkey. The number of the students is 1164 and 38 students of them are from Syrian, refugees; 15 of them are special needs education students and 50 of them are preschool students. The number of the teachers is 41 and there are two deputy managers. The students are between 6 and 11 years old. There are 18 classrooms and three of them for preschool education. There are no boarder students at our school but our students are disadvantageous economically and socially. Because most of our parents had moved to here because of internal and external migration; to earn money, to get a job or to escape the battle in Syria. At our school, there are some extracurricular classes such as chess, drama, sports, folk dances and science and issues. There are also courses for both parents and students who are from Syria to learn our language, Turkish. In 2015-2016; one of our students, Ege Özer, won the third prize in Turkey in the branch of Trambolin, Gymnastics. In chess tournement of our town, we won the golden medal. Moreover, one of our students, Özgür Deniz, won the third prize in Turkey, in orienteering. We have never had a project which has been granted by European Union. As a primary school, we want to provide that our students have the best and effective education equally and internationally, discover their own talents, know the World and European culture and follow the new Technologies and science. These are our responsibilities and mission.

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