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Istituto Comprensivo G. Pagoto

The Institute has 108 teachers, 27 support teachers, 770 students and 37 handicapped students. Casa Santa is a village in the municipality of Erice. The expansion of training activities are included in the educational project of the school. The objectives and the skills / competencies to achieve with these activities are clearly defined. In the school there are contact persons and / or workshops on instructional design and / or evaluation of students and disciplinary departments which it participates a good number of teachers. Teachers refer to common assessment criteria defined at the school level. The design of specific interventions following the evaluation of students is a frequent practice. The rules of conduct are defined and shared in the classes. The conflicts are managed, though not always the procedures adopted are effective. The school has drawn up a disciplinary regulation for all types and grades of the Institute that allows the evaluation of the behavior and the procedures to be used in case of infringement. There is also a guarantee organ. The school promotes positive relationships between the different components of the staff and users through projects marked by the promotion of civil society. The school works hard towards inclusion of students with special educational needs, values cultural differences, adapts teaching to the educational needs of each student through paths to recovery and enhancement. The differentiation of learning paths according to the educational needs of the students is quite structured at school level. The educational aims are clearly defined and the results are presented to school community. The individualized interventions in classroom work are quite popular at school level. The school promotes the inclusion through a wide range of targeted interventions to support the disabled and be prepared for the reception of foreign students. We are motivated to participate in this project to give our students a European vision of active citizenship. Our intention as educators is to build a better world based on common interests. The fact that our school has never participated in an Erasmus + project motivates us even more to work in a European concept to collaborate and share our experiences with our partners. We realize that the history of life is changing and we can not be closed inside "our shell" but we must open ourselves to change for improvement, giving our young people a future of peace, love and collaboration. The Director is the legal representative of the school and the progress of the project.The contact person, Prof.Vita Ligiato, with the collaboration of the teachers who will be identified by the Manager, will carry on the progress of the project and the documentation.Minaudo Francesca, as an Ambassador eTwinning, currently in service at our school. In case some teacher should leave the Manager will replace it with a member of the staff that has joined the project itself.

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